This project represents the idea of "balance" as the most important cyclical event that make up everything around our life. Its seen as the event that keeps both opposites "destruction" and "creation" together in order to find equilibrium. This installation shows the idea of that creation and destruction can be physically and symbolically identified with our feelings.

To do this is, I've been randomly picking up damaged goods on the street, broken objects that have been thrown away and so that they are valueless (or have minimum social value) as they show a damaged appearance. (There is a pallet, a reduced tyre, a frame and two broken books). In order to match this idea of destruction with creation, I have taken them all and joint them, creating an abstract installation/sculpture, so it generates itself the idea of creation.

At this point, I needed to demonstrate that this physical object could be also identified with our feelings. To do this, I've selected a little fragment of text from a broken book I found in an abandoned box on the street; the text talks about that the "broken feelings" of a person can be also "healed".

The short clip give us a little guide to understand the meaning of the installation by displaying the images and the text in a slide show.

Balance from francgonzalez on Vimeo.