‘Untreated Bodies’ is a hand-in-hand analogy between the digital process of 3D creation and the objectification of the women’s body in the digital realm, showing a visual and physical connection (both figurative and symbolical) of the damage that the digital causes to women and our perception, involving overall issues of the internet and propaganda.

By 3D scanning a women’s body, its organic honesty teleports into the digital world. This visual transmutation makes the body to be digitally malleable, becoming an unprocessed geometrical entity. The digital body goes back again to the physical world when 3D printing it, eventually transforming it into an unrefined object that has changed its values, revealing its untreated qualities.

*'Untreated Bodies' was also exhibited at the Art Pistol gallery in Glasgow during August of 2014. One of the prints (which was sold during that time) was also vinyl printed for displaying on Argyle street.

→ Review from Computer Arts magazine
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3D prints on red EPS (Moulding Expanded Polystyrene)